Car vandalism in Lincoln: My FoI story

Cars parked in the Abbey Ward in Lincoln are the most likely to be subject to vandalism, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

Last year the area saw 114 cases of car vandalism, with the Carholme Ward holding the second highest figure at 79 incidents.

At the other end of the scale, the Hartsholme Ward saw just 13 incidents – holding its position as the safest place to park in Lincoln.

The city’s four surrounding wards; Abbey, Carholme, Minster and Castle, all have the highest vandalism figures, according to the report.

Libby Rae Kendrick, of Portland Street in Lincoln’s Abbey Ward, was a victim of car vandalism in September: “You want to feel comfortable where you live, you shouldn’t have to feel scared and not in control of your property”.

She discovered her car was vandalised after leaving it parked on Lewis Street, a small road that branches off from Portland Street.

“One of my housemates went to check on her car, and just checked mine because it’s quite a known dangerous area in Lincoln. She found that they’d both been damaged down one side”.

Following an inconclusive investigation, Miss Kendrick no longer parks on Lewis Street.

“I now try and park a few streets away, but then there’s the added concern that I’m nowhere near my car so I need to check on it”.

Jeff Wan, owner of Dragon Smart Auto Repairs, says that incidents like Miss Kendrick’s are not dealt with every day, but are also not uncommon.

“Generally the reason that cars are being keyed is because either, a – they’re jealous of the car you own, or b – it’s the way that you’re parked, and people scratch it just to prove a point”.

Meanwhile, from 2011 there has been a general decrease in the amount of incidents across Lincoln, from 655 to 513.

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