Changing Siren News

This week we trialled our new format of operating the news team in Siren. Emily and I felt that a change had to be made to encourage more volunteers to attend our sessions, and get involved with producing news for the station.

I came up with the idea to produce a one-hour news show on Sunday, which will look back at the last week of news in Lincoln. Each day the news team will come together and produce a three minute package, which will be aired at the end of the day, and then updated to be aired during the show.

This will give the volunteers, along with the day editors and Emily and I, a chance to experience a side to news that we have yet looked at. Whereas we would conduct interviews and take just a 15 second clip for the news bulletins, we now have the opportunity to use more, and be more creative with our presentation.

We can also experiment with other styles of storytelling such as two-way interviews, as-live and live pieces with reporters, and live interviews. Extending our time allowance with a piece also allows us to delve deeper into the topic, and cover the story more extensively.

At the end of each day we can upload our packages online (which we are doing to:, and present them in a professional news programme on Sunday.

Siren Newscast will launch this Sunday at 3PM on Siren Radio, wherein we’ll return to the packages we’ve made over the last seven days, and take a short look at what to expect in the coming week.

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